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Thank f*cking God somebody wrote this! I have never been a follower of the Royals, find the whole monarchy business a travesty for any country, but was nevertheless interested in this story, precisely because of all the vitriol being slung at Harry and Megan. I could smell something putrid so I watched the Netflix series and my suspicions were confirmed. I was about to write an article about it myself but yours is spot on and one I can now use as a rebuttal if ever I need one.

I would add that not only is Meghan getting the Amber Heard (oh, the irony of that poor woman’s name) treatment, but even in the years before bots, so much damage has been done to women. Think Yoko Ono and Monica Lewinsky, two who come to mind.

I truly believe all isms stem from the mother of isms – misogynism. You won’t even find that word used. We hear misogynist, misogynistic, misogyny, but never misogynism. My autocorrect changes it every time. But to say misogynist or misogynistic, places the onus on individuals’ behaviors rather than the whole system of misogyny. Man and his macrosystems (you won’t find that word, either) but it is men who created these macrosystems of racism, xenophobia, etc. To name is to understand. Without calling a system what it is, is a form of gaslighting. Imagine a world without misogynism. How many wars would women have created or sent us into? What kind of care would be available to all people? What would our education look like? Our healthcare? I could go on, but you get the picture.

Thank you so much and bravo!

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