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Embedded is a newsletter about life online, published three times a week by Kate Lindsay and Nick Catucci.

Paying subscribers get Kate’s weekly in-depth interviews with fascinating people such as OG YourTuber Marion Honey, the Love Island subreddit moderators, and Tomás, an early member of a twelve-step group for internet addicts.

Kate also writes weekly essays like The Twitterification of TikTok, Why it all feels like too much, The Millennial pause, and this as-told-to from a former supporter of Johnny Depp.

Nick books My Internet, a weekly Q&A about the online habits of people that has featured Kofie Yeboah, Edith Zimmerman, Parker Molloy, Matthew Yglesias, Tyler R. Tynes, Rayne Fisher-Quann, Chris Black, Ben Smith, and Cat Zhang.

Embedded has been recommended in New York magazine, Esquire, and The Face and by Parker Molloy in Substacks’s Reading Room. Kate has done interviews with Charlie Warzel and Morning Brew’s Sidekick, and Nick has completed the Monday Media Diet Q&A for Why Is This Interesting? Check out some reader testimonials and recommendations below, and find us on Twitter and Instagram.


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