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Sunday Scroll: Screenshots, 'Succession', and going off-grid

Brand names are all nonsense now

Sunday Scroll: Internet upbringings, social media babies, and bed people

My Internet: Katherine Dee

​​Culture Work is dissecting celeb culture from the inside

The hard part of being a follower

Sunday Scroll: TikTok menus, CEO sit-downs, and 'Succession' sightings

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy are post-reality TV

When did we get so bad at typing?

Sunday Scroll: My mom's mini My Internet & more

My Internet: Naomi Zeichner

The root of Gen Z’s hyperindividualism

Nobody knows how to post about Mother’s Day

Sunday Scroll: Tarte, true crime, and takeaway

My Internet: Nilay Patel

Daniel Lavery and Jo Livingstone on bringing blogging back

The end of the digital media experiment

Sunday Scroll: WesAndersonTok, olive oil drama, and Wordle mugs

My Internet: P.E. Moskowitz

The “green dot monitors” plaguing remote work

Substack Notes is giving me an identity crisis

Sunday Scroll: Cat cams, iPhone face, and hyper-individualism

My Internet: Rachel Karten

What Twitter is really for

How do you tell a friend to log off?

Introducing the Sunday Scroll

My Internet: Kat Tenbarge

The wholesome chaos of JasperTok

Taylor Swift’s breakup is not fake news

My Internet: Mano Sundaresan

Why the 2000s seem like ancient history

When kids discover their parents’ old social media

The momfluencer trap

The other way social media ends

My Internet: John Paul Brammer

Ashley Reese doesn't know why she makes Twitter so mad

TikTok’s suggested search problem

My Internet: Carla Lalli Music

Trendspotting with Tall Neil of ‘shoppy shop’ fame

Promotional labor

My Internet: Haley Nahman

Alexia Delarosa on performing motherhood online

Comfort person

The next generation of news

The Getty test

My Internet: Tahirah Hairston

Instagram comes crawling back

My Internet: Kieran Press-Reynolds

I hope this post does not disturb you

No, I can’t pay you for an interview

My Internet: Nicholas Thompson

The new rules of Facebook Marketplace

Manifesting a fashion career on TikTok

My Internet: Max Collins (Eve6 Guy)

The Gen Z shake

TikTok runner Nat takes requests

My Internet: Delia Cai

How old is too old to use your parents' Netflix?

The YouTube-aissance

My Internet: Tyler Bainbridge

The cruelty of the pet password

Reality TV is uglier than ever

My Internet: Meecham Whitson Meriweather

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My Internet: Emily Kirkpatrick